No, No, No, No…………… No More iPhone Writing Apps!

unnamed3Now on my last blog post I talked about the social media related    to my hashtag Once Upon A Time. I discussed where to go, what you can find and how it all connects, but I actually wrote it on and iPhone writing Notes. First I am going state that I am no amateur when it comes to typing a mile a minute when texting, it is a whole-nother thing to typing a blog on one. Texting on your phone is nothing, its effortless your body goes into automatic because you know what you’re going to say, how you’re going to say it and where all the buttons your need are. Writing a blog takes a little more effort and thinking and is not easy.



A little bit about the Notes app is that its a very convenient space to jot things down quickly as reminders and automatically saves as you write. So its good for the little things like lists, items needing to be remembered, names, numbers, etc. that you only have so much time to write down. Unfortunately it is not the best space for long notes because its just a long thin column of writing.



You get a familiar feeling writing in this space since it reminds you of text messaging that happens throughout the day. Writing a blog in this space was difficult because trying to get everything down with only seeing certain sentences at a time makes it hard to concentrate. Also if you are like me and trying to write and read on a smaller screen while squinting isn’t ideal. Since it condenses everything I think it makes it easier to miss things while you write longer pieces. While being a condensed long column also makes it harder to distinguish where you want to break the paragraphs or where you want to add more detail. So this type of writing space is nice for the small things not so much for the longer pieces.


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2 thoughts on “No, No, No, No…………… No More iPhone Writing Apps!

  1. Reblogged this on A Crazy Random Jumble of Blog and commented:
    I’ve started using the stock Notes app more and more on my iPhone. It’s quick, easy, and synchs through iCloud to all of my devices, making it incredibly convenient. (Still waiting for a Notification Center widget to create new notes on the fly, Apple! Get on this!)

    I tend to do my heavier writing on my iPad or MacBook, however, and more often than not use Pages, the WordPress app (iPad), or simply while surfing on Safari.


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